I am a musician trapped in a non-musician’s body. I have tried numerous times to break through the doors of my inner citadel and learn to play an instrument. Only to be met with frustration and envy of those who are able to focus and succeed. So I settle for sitting on the steps listening to the creations of others. This blog is my entry through the side door. That ability to listen brought me to a career in radio where I learned to listen beyond what radio itself tells you to listen to.

The key is to look beneath the surface and test everything.  In this blog I intend to share with you my thoughts on the music I have found. I will share with you the playlists that have provided great company for everything from waiting in a doctor’s office to heading to a concert. I hope together we can find music that has been overlooked in our everyday lives and deserve a new or a second chance. 

The event should match the playlist  the same way the wine matches the food. Great playlist choices should never draw your attention out of the moment you are in unless it is to ask “Who is this?”  

Let’s have fun with music and start our journey.




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