The Surprise of Elevator Music

Waiting. Whether it is on hold or on an elevator you will find yourself begging for the end. I know I have. I have faced the two with the same trepidation but have been surprised on a few occasions by the musical selections that I have been greeted with by companies who have put some obvious thought into making the waiting experience a little more bearable. I mean really, who thought it was a good idea to try to sell you more products while you’re on hold waiting for customer service to fix an issue with the product that you have already? I don’t want another product of yours especially considering I am on hold long enough to be annoyed by your commercials. The elevator is the original annoyance of scary bad music (until recently) and, at times, scary bad smells of humanity. However, I have discovered or rediscovered some great tunes while waiting that made me appreciate the companies that own them a little more just because they were thoughtful enough to make it more entertaining.

So whether you’re waiting on the elevator for your floor or you’re waiting on the phone, here is a list of songs that impressed and provided a much better alternative to ads and really bad elevator music. Be sure to share what you’ve heard too; I’d love to hear them.


Amen Omen – Ben Harper

Broken Bones – Kaleo

Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley

I Can’t Let Go – Champion

Help is Coming – Crowded House

Make it Wit Chu – Queens of the Stone Age

I Don’t Know – The Sheepdogs

Abacab – Genesis

Warning Sign – Coldplay

Let it Go – Andre Espeut’s Quintet

Close To Me – The Cure

The Chain – Fleetwood Mac

So Flute – St. Germain

Who Will Comfort Me – Melody Gardot

Maki Madni (feat. Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) – Derek Trucks Band

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