Music’s Deep Stare

I often think music can tame the madness of noisy thoughts by staring into your soul. There is one song in particular that triggers that thought and I’m just not sure why. The song is “Inglewood” by k.d. lang. I live in Calgary and enjoy a few visits to the growing number of microbreweries and... Continue Reading →

The Surprise of Elevator Music

Waiting. Whether it is on hold or on an elevator you will find yourself begging for the end. I know I have. I have faced the two with the same trepidation but have been surprised on a few occasions by the musical selections that I have been greeted with by companies who have put some... Continue Reading →

Rhett Butler’s IPod

I have recently been reading up on the American civil war. I finally understand the context of statements made in movies or songs about the south and the tragedies on both sides. Of course the first song that comes to mind is “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” by Joan Baez.  I’m sure Hank... Continue Reading →

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